Caring professionals caring for your children

Student nurses are trusted professionals who are committed to the care of others. Who better to trust with the well-being of your precious little ones?


SITTERNEEDED exclusively hires and trains nursing students from accredited nursing programs. We believe this combination of health care education and childcare-specific training adds up to the highest quality babysitting option available.

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Student Nurse at Texas Woman's University
We work on your behalf to find the best sitter available from our network of nursing students.
One day they’ll be nurses; but, today, these students are serving their community through high-level childcare.
Rest easy knowing all of our nursing students have completed drug screenings and background checks and are CPR-certified.
We pride ourselves in employing highly trained sitters who will carry out our mission to make quality childcare available to families across DFW.
Turning a vision into reality:
How SITTERNEEDED came to be
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I started my pursuits in nursing more than 15 years ago as I worked full time while attending community college to obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing. It took six years after high school to complete the program as I worked extremely hard to balance work and school. It was during this difficult time that I created the concept for what is now my company, SITTERNEEDED, a flexible work opportunity for nursing students providing employment as on-demand sitters for families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In nursing school, students are encouraged not to work in order to focus on the program. And while I understand that recommendation, it is not in line with reality for many students who share my experience in which work is required to fund school. Therefore, flexible work is vital for so many, and babysitting is a perfect option as the hours are variable and the work is meaningful to the community. I knew this would be a great resource for both students and families, but as I graduated nursing school, I launched myself into my nursing career, and my vision was tucked away in a folder that would travel with me for the next 15 years.

My focus was in the area of pediatric cardiology, working as a bedside nurse on the night shift for five years while raising my son. As a working single mom, I knew my business idea would benefit families, but I had no experience in business. Five years into my career, I moved into a Clinical Educator position wherein I was responsible for the training oversight of new grad nurses as they transitioned from school to their first nursing roles. It was at this time that I also returned to school to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). I and many of my new grad nurses were working through similar struggles to find trusted childcare while working hospital hours that fall outside of the normal hours of a daycare facility. I saw everyone doing what they could to make childcare work but wishing that there was a better option.

“I knew this would be a great resource for both students and families, but as I graduated nursing school, I launched myself into my nursing career, and my vision was tucked away in a folder that would travel with me for the next 15 years.”
Jennifer Dickson, BSN, RN
Founder & President
After obtaining my BSN, I began work as a Clinical Manager with oversight of a 24/7 nursing unit with more than 90 employees. Through this experience, I gained invaluable knowledge in the hiring and mentoring of new employees and the pursuit of quality performance while balancing day-to-day operations. After five years, I was looking for an opportunity to impact nursing quality as well as business in a new way and made a transition into consulting. In that role, I realized that my pursuits of service excellence and continuing the trusted perception of nursing in the community would be best served with the launch of SITTERNEEDED.

My roles in nursing leadership along with my overall years of experience have been instrumental in the development of SITTERNEEDED today. All elements of my background, education and experience along with my personal love and passion for families and nursing have been poured into this company, and I’m excited to present it to our community.

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The best DFW job opportunity is exclusively for nursing students.

SITTERNEEDED is an employment opportunity available exclusively to nursing students. It was created by a nurse with your unique needs in mind.
Families are in need of trained babysitters they can trust, so you will be making a positive impact in your community with each care assignment.
SITTERNEEDED is committed to providing a flexible working environment for the next generation of nurses while offering one-on-one mentorship.

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