At Home Stress Relievers

Parents are busy balancing work and school for their kids all from home.  While staying safe at home is very important, it is equally important for us parents to find ways to rest.  It’s especially important now as stress levels are increasing.  Here are a few ideas on ways to lower stress or enjoy stress free time while at home.  And added bonus if these can be done while kids are napping or asleep for the night. But if not, any quiet moments you can steal for yourself would be beneficial to you. 

Dinner by Candlelight

There are many local restaurants providing pickup and/or delivery services for dinner right to your door. These companies are taking extra precautions to ensure the handling and delivery are as safe as possible.  Enjoy a restaurant prepared meal right at home with dim lighting or by candlelight.  Depending on how you feel about the dishes afterwards, enjoy on real plates and using real silverware for a more restaurant feel.  Add in some soft, low relaxing music and it could be a very nice night. 


This is an activity that has many emotional and mental benefits.  It also can be done in many different ways.  You might want to write in a journal daily and express how you’re feeling.  You might want to read a book and make notes in the margins on how it impacts your thoughts. Or may want to write yourself encouraging notes to place on your bathroom mirror.  Simply writing your ideas, thoughts, and feelings is a way to release them and unburden your mind. 


There are many great apps now that will help lead you through a meaningful practice; however it can be as simple as finding a quiet space to clear your mind while focusing on breathing. One way is to sit outside while taking in the world through your senses: what do you see, what do you feel on your skin, what smells can you detect and what do you hear? 

Vacation Visualization

Although travel has been suspended in most cases, we can think about where we would love to go next.  Planning may be too overwhelming at the moment in terms of logistics.  But simply thinking when to go, what location, and which activities could be a great start to planning the perfect vacation. Maybe this is the time to learn all about the place you’d always wanted to go!

Bubble Bath

The days are still long, maybe feel longer than ever now, so still a good time for a soothing bubble bath at the end of the day, or midday.  Create an extra restful atmosphere with dimmed lights or candlelight and ocean sounds. Or read a novel while enjoying a glass of wine.  Add some bubble bath or bath bombs to your next grocery order and enjoy a home spa day every single day. 


*Note – we are adding grocery services to help families during this difficult time.

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